After the declaration of Independence. Pakistan army carried out a barbarous genocide. and arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 25 march 1971 not only that the pakistan army brought him to west pakistan. Major ziaur rahman declared the independence of bangladesh next day and advised all the bengali people to protect the pakistan army.

The senior leaders of awami league than congregated at Baidynathtala (Now Mujibnagor) which was mainly a big mango grove located at 12 kilometers away from Meherpur town and the First government of the people republic of Bangladesh was bron on 17 April 1971 at Mujibnagor. On the day the first government of Bangladesh was formed, Bangabandhu sheikh Mujibur Rahman was named President, Sayed Nazrul Islam took oath as a Acting president, Taj Uddin Ahmed was declared as the Prime Minister, At this time baidynathtala was declared as Mujibnagor and declared as the Temporary Capital of Bangladesh.

Bangabndhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman laid down an order to preserve the mango grove as a site of historical importance on 31 August 1973 after Bangladesh had earned its freedom.

This historical place is now a popular picnic Spot. Where everyday from the different part of Bangladesh come here for visit the historical place hundreds of picnic buses Throng thousands of people including a large number of Student. This place is be set with thousands of mango and other trees. The whole place enjoys clearest in the sky and comfortable place for picnic.